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  • The offers on the web for training and further education in medicine have been extended dramatically during the last years. In order to make it easier for you to find the right applications and resources we offer you this service. (Bitte klicken Sie auf die Flagge für die deutsche Version dieser Website.)
  • The LRSMed offers search capabilities for multimediae learning software modules, which are deployed in the World Wide Web. These modules have been described in different manners, e. g. the specialism and application type. After the successful search you can start the module directly. In addition you can use our full-text search.
  • Experimentally, the LRSMed offers the inclusion of learning resources liable to pay costs. Since May 27, 2013 you might select "free of charge" or "with costs" as preference for the search criterion usage. Tell us your opinion using the feedback option.
  • At the moment, 1816 e-learning software modules free of charge and 0 e-learning software modules with costs are described. Content of the LRSMed was last updated in July 2014.
  • A review of the media collection is supported by the Medical Faculty Association (cf.
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